Critique of Genetic Mutation Rates in Evolving Populations: A Biomathematical Approach


  • Afiq Bin Razali Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Mathematics University: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia Author



Genetic Mutation Rates (GMR), Evolving Populations (EP), Biomathematical Approach (BMA)


To better understand the dynamic mechanisms influencing genetic diversity, this work uses a biomathematical technique to examine genetic mutation rates in changing populations. Research uses a particular approach to investigate complex interactions between mutation rates, natural selection, and population dynamics. Research reveals that key discoveries provide insight into the complex interactions between genetic mutations and evolutionary paths. A quantitative framework for evaluating how mutations affect population-level outcomes is made possible by the use of mathematical modelling. Even if the study offers insightful information about the significance of genetic mutation rates, it is essential to consider several limitations. For determine the research used SPSS software and generate mathematical models related to the evolving populations. These limitations draw attention to areas where further research might improve methods and broaden the field of study. research study has ramifications that go beyond the local setting and provide insights into broader applications or consequences. research study adds to the larger conversation on evolutionary biology by clarifying the variables affecting genetic mutation rates and lays the groundwork for future research. To sum up, this biomathematical investigation of genetic mutation rates provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental processes of evolutionary change. Overall study founded significant link between them. Research study understanding of population genetics is expanded by the combination of mathematical modelling and empirical data, opening the door for further study to build upon these foundations.








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Critique of Genetic Mutation Rates in Evolving Populations: A Biomathematical Approach. (2024). Letters in Biomathematics, 11(1), 11-20.

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