Advanced Biostatistical Evaluation of the Correlation Between Environment Factors and Human Health Outcomes


  • Daniel Mendes Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Author



Advanced Biostatistical Evaluation (ABE), Environmental factors (EF), Human health Outcomes (HHO), Smart PLS Algorithm


An advanced biostatistical analysis is presented in this paper with the goal of elucidating the complex relationship between environmental influences and health outcomes in humans. Using an extensive dataset and sophisticated statistical techniques, we looked into the intricate linkages that underpin how different environmental factors affect different health indices. The study examined the relationships between several environmental elements and certain health outcomes, such as mortality rates and respiratory disorders, temperature, pollution levels, and air and water quality indices. For measuring the research study used smart PLS software and generate informative results included descriptive statistic, correlation between environment factors and human health outcomes. According to our research, there is strong evidence that some environmental variables are associated with poor health outcomes. Strict statistical procedures, such as regression modelling, correlation analysis, and confounding variable consideration, were used to guarantee the validity and reliability of the findings. In addition to finding correlations, the study clarified possible causative links, which advanced our knowledge of the complex interactions between the environment and human health. The study recognises inherent limitations, including potential biases and problems with data quality, even as it emphasises the significance of these relationships. Significant ramifications for public health exist, indicating chances for focused interventions, modified policies, and educational programmes. The findings demonstrate how evidence-based policymaking in the areas of health and the environment may have a beneficial social impact. This study adds to the expanding corpus of information on environmental health and lays the groundwork for more research and treatments in the future. The overall research founded that positive and significant correlation between environment factors and human health outcomes. The knowledge gathered from this sophisticated biostatistical review is useful for public health practitioners, academics, and policymakers as they work towards a better and more sustainable future.







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Advanced Biostatistical Evaluation of the Correlation Between Environment Factors and Human Health Outcomes. (2024). Letters in Biomathematics, 11(1), 1-10.

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